MDT Mention - Recoil - JAE-700 G4 Chassis Review

Posted by MDT on 2022 Dec 6th

MDT Mention - Recoil - JAE-700 G4 Chassis Review

In 2019 J. Allen Enterprises (JAE), an early pioneer of boutique chassis systems for the M1A/M14 and short-action Remington 700 rifles, closed shop. Months later, MDT acquired JAE, and after several years of retooling, MDT is ready to release the 4th generation of the JAE-700 short-action Remington 700 chassis, the JAE-700 G4. David Lane, from RECOIL, wrote a fantastic review of the new MDT JAE-700 G4 chassis system.

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Terminus Zeus Action, Bartlein 24” barrel chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. JAE-700 G4 Chassis with ARCA Rail and Bag Rider. Photo Courtesy of RECOIL.

In the article, David discussed the history of JAE, then tested the chassis by first building out a custom centerfire rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor with a Terminus Zeus Action and a Bartlein 24-inch barrel. After testing with the centerfire, he rebuilt the rifle with Zermatt Arms RimX Action with a Proof Research 20" Competition Stainless Steel Barrel, then competed with the gun in an NRL 22 match, where he shot a personal best.

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Photo Courtesy of RECOIL

Photo Courtesy of RECOIL.


RIFLE SPECS for Centerfire 6.5 Creedmoor

RIFLE SPECS for Rimfire Rifle

Click here to order an MDT JAE-700 G4 Chassis System. Make sure to check out RECOIL David Lane's complete catalog of work for RECOIL can be found here.

Matt Hornback getting it done with a JAE-700 G4

Matt Hornback getting it done with a JAE-700 G4 chassis system. Photo courtesy of Matt Hornback.



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