MDT Mention - Recoil Review of the XRS Chassis System

Posted by MDT on 2022 Jul 26th

MDT Mention - Recoil Review of the XRS Chassis System

The MDT XRS is a hybrid or a crossover chassis system that is perfect for hunting, competition, and general shooting. It has a host of high-end features and a lot of flexibility for end-users to customize the chassis for their needs. Rob Curtis of Recoil recently wrote an interesting piece where he reviewed the MDT XRS Chassis System.

Some of the more prominent features of the XRS Chassis System that Rob Curtis mentioned were the swept-back grip and a traditional shaped rifle stock. While a vertical pistol grip is one of the hallmark design features of most precision rifle chassis systems, MDT understands that some customers still enjoy the more traditional swept-back design. The XRS Chassis System ships with both a vertical and swept grip, so customers can try both and figure out what works best. Rob noted that the molded and textured grip system could be swapped out via four simple screws.

MDT XRS Chassis System vertical and angled grips

The MDT XRS Chassis ships with two molded and textured grips that can be swapped to accommodate the user's preference.

The beauty of the MDT XRS Chassis – and most all MDT chassis – is the ability to modify your tastes and preferences. The XRS Chassis is constructed of CNC machined 6061 aircraft grade aluminum buttressed with high strength polymer panels. With the quick adjust cheek piece, and adjustable length of pull, the XRS gives you the benefits of a modern chassis in a traditional design.

MDT Polymer AICS Magazine in an MDT XRS Chassis System

The MDT XRS Chassis System accepts standard AICS pattern magazines, and features an ambidextrous magazine latch.

For other valuable features, you also have a bevy of M-Lok slots at the 3-, 6-, and 9-o'clock positions for the attachment for ARCA or Picatinny rails. Also, QD sling cups, threaded inserts on the bottom of the buttstock, and full length CNC machined precision aluminum V block to fit a host of different make and model firearms, including rimfire rifles. The XRS accepts standard AICS pattern magazines which are released via an ambidextrous magazine latch.

The XRS Chassis during a competitive rimfire stage

The XRS Chassis during a competitive rimfire stage. A traditional yet modern precision rifle chassis system. Photo courtesy of Recoil.

Rob Curtis chose to run his chassis a couple of different ways to put the XRS through its paces:

"We ran the MDT XRS Chassis on the range and in competition with a couple of different actions. As a centerfire host, we installed our 6.5 Creedmoor chambered, 22-inch Proof Research stainless steel barreled Bighorn Origin action in the XRS. Then, we plugged in a Zermatt Arms RimX rimfire action with a Lothar Walther prefit stainless barrel."

Both of those setups Rob Curtis ran worked flawlessly. He reported that with the XRS Chassis System, the builds didn't need special attention or modification to achieve his outcomes. While shooting, the stock felt firm and solid and delivered a smooth yet controllable recoil impulse. With the option of different shooting grips, a price tag of roughly $500, and competition quality at a more accessible price point for hunters and beginners, Rob Curtis gave the XRS Chassis his stamp of approval.

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MDT XRS Chassis System FDE


Sportsmen across the West are gearing up for rifle hunts. The MDT XRS makes a great modern precision rifle chassis system for hunting and is perfect for both custom factory rifles, or even a custom rifle build. The MDT XRS Chassis System is one of the most versatile stocks on the market. If you need the ultimate lightweight solution check out our MDT HNT26 Chassis System. Both chassis systems will usually increase the accuracy of any rifle and the aluminum v block bedding system makes installation a breeze. The XRS Chassis is the ideal performance upgrade.

Check out Rob Curtis' stellar article on demystifying long range shooting, and make sure to check out Recoil!


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