Field Stock VS XRS Chassis - MDT Mention

Posted by Eric Drake on 2024 Jun 4th

Field Stock VS XRS Chassis - MDT Mention

After posting his review of theMDT Field Stock, YouTuber Caleb Whitepublished a video comparing it with theMDT XRS Chassis.

First, Caleb provides an intro and states the XRS Chassis and Field Stock represent the "best options in their categories" (that being budget-conscious). Then, he compares the two products by taking measurements. The MDT Field Stock's forend is thinner, and both options feature an abbreviated hook in the bottom of their buttstocks for us with bags and rear rests. Both chassis useAICS-compatible magazines, while White believes the XRS has a more aesthetically pleasing design than the Field Stock. One other note, the XRS has a pronounced barricade stop forward of the trigger guard, while the Field Stock does not.

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MDT Field Stock is a very capable stock.

Price is an important characteristic to note when comparing the two, and the host elaborates on their differences going forward (the Field Stock is $299.95, while the XRS is $549.95). Understanding the value for money aspect of these products will give you confidence in your potential purchase.

The Field stock is built from aluminum and polymer. It has an adjustable length of pull function (via spacers) and an adjustable cheek riser. It provides the familiarity of a traditional hunting rifle stock with modern quality-of-life improvements. While having similar ergonomic features, the XRS chassis also includes an adaptable pistol grip and toolless length of pull adjustments.

The XRS Chassis and Field Stock features an M-lok compatible forend; however, the XRS forend can be changed out for an enclosed option that includes a full-length ARCA rail. The XRS Chassis' frame is more rigid than the Field stock's via a full-length aluminum mini chassis, which extends into the pistol grip. Quick-detach sling mounts are also included on the XRS Chassis.

MDT XRS Chassis System.

Closing out his video, Caleb lists weight, size, and range of adjustability for the Field Stock and XRS Chassis. The Field Stock is 3.1 lbs, 32.22" long, has 1.370" of cheek riser adjustment, 13.5" -14.5" length of pull adjustment, and can host up to 1.250" diameter barrels. The XRS Chassis weighs 3.9 lbs, is 32.25" long, has 1.50" of cheek riser adjustment, 13" -15" length of pull adjustment, and can host the same max barrel diameter as the Field Stock. Either way, the Field Stock and XRS Chassis will surely enhance the performance and ergonomics of any factory rifle or custom rifle!

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