MDT Field Stock Review Caleb White the Knifemaker

Posted by Eric Drake on 2024 Apr 16th

MDT Field Stock Review Caleb White the Knifemaker

Gun and knife maker Caleb White posted a thorough video reviewing the MDT Field Stock on his YouTube Channel' Caleb White, The Knifemaker.' As a rifle shooter and builder, Caleb notes that he has had the opportunity to use a handful of MDT Chassis Systems and traditional hunting-style rifle stocks. The host explains that while modern bolt-action rifle chassis systems often offer customization and adjustability, he believes there is still a use case for traditional-style rifle stocks. Following this, Mr. White points out that he thinks many traditional stocks featured on factory-configured bolt-action rifles leave much to be desired due to a lack of features and their construction.

Check out Caleb's MDT Field Stock review video here!

Caleb says two common features provided by precision rifle chassis systems are metal bedding and the ability to accept magazines. While features such as magazine compatibility and bedded actions may enhance the shooting performance of precision rifles, chassis systems can be heavier and more cumbersome for shooters to move with compared to hunting rifle stocks.

Mr. White further elaborates that the MDT Field Stock offers the two previously mentioned common chassis system features with the light weight of a classic hunting rifle stock. Caleb also says the Field Stock offers an accessible entry point to rifle upgrades for shooters not ready to invest the amount of money commanded by many precision rifle chassis systems.

The MDT Field Stock is a general purpose stock ideal for hunting, long range shooting and general plinking.

Next, the YouTuber highlights more features of the MDT Field Stock, including its adjustable cheek riser, three, six, and nine o'clock forend M-LOK attachment points, and adjustable grip panels. Mr. White emphasizes that these features set the Field Stock apart from most traditional hunting stocks while still providing a low-weight, sturdy shooting platform.

The host ends this video with his final thoughts on the MDT Field Stock, noting he thinks it provides an affordable platform that can be used by most people in applications such as hunting, plinking, and long-distance target shooting while offering some of the benefits of modern modular chassis systems.

Are you torn between an MDT Field Stock and an XRS Chassis System? Caleb did a fantastic video discussing both!

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