Je Wilds Hunting Tahr in New Zealand - MDT Mention

Posted by Eric Drake on 2024 Feb 20th

Je Wilds Hunting Tahr in New Zealand - MDT Mention

New Zealand-based YouTube hunting channel, 'JE Wilds,' is hosted by Joe Edlington. Mr. Edlington creates videos focusing on conservation, ethical hunting practices, and hunting safety. In one of JE Wild's recent videos, Joe and his friend Pedro Ampuero shot an awesome video while hunting Himalayan Tahr in New Zealand.

Joe begins his video while setting up a shelter and identifying a water source from which they can collect drinking water. After establishing a campsite, the hunters hike up the mountains carrying their packs, a Leupold SX-4 Pro Guide HD 15-45x65 spotting scope, and one rifle.

Then, the host provides a breakdown of his weapon of choice for this hunt, an early prototype of the Bergara Premier Elevate. The rifle features a Bergara action, a carbon fiber barrel, and a muzzle brake. The action rests in an MDT HNT26 carbon fiber chassis, which accepts AICS box magazines. Mounted atop the action is a Leupold VX6 optic. Mr. Edlington and his partner opted to use this rifle setup due to the benefits of its low weight when hiking through harsh terrain at high altitudes.

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Continual spotting is performed as the hunters trek higher into the mountains. Joe and Pedro note that the bulls move to lower areas in the mountains to feed as the sun starts to fall toward the horizon.

Upon spotting a bull roughly 200 meters away, Pedro and Joe drop to a prone position and begin setting up a camera, spotting scope, and rifle. Determined to take a shot, they lie patiently on the rocks. Pedro preps the rifle and sets up a shooting position atop his bipod. Pedro takes his shot at the bull. The hunters embrace in excitement and set off on foot to track the animal, unsure of its exact location.

Pedro Ampuero with a trophy Tahr!

An ethical kill is confirmed when Pedro finds the bull 10 meters from the location where it was shot. Pedro emphasizes how grateful he is to have successfully hunted these animals and taken a trophy specimen with a single shot after hiking and spotting throughout the day.


Make sure to check out Joe Edlington's YouTube channel, JE Wild! Pedro also has an awesome website and YouTube Channel!


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