Long Range With The Lillys - NRL Hunter Builds - MDT Mentions

Posted by Eric Drake on 2023 Mar 14th

Long Range With The Lillys - NRL Hunter Builds - MDT Mentions

The brainchild of Scott Satterlee, the NRL Hunter League is a field-style shooting match that blends PRS-style competition with scenarios and skills found while hunting. Mike Lilly, from the Hunting With the Lillys YouTube channel, posted a neat video discussing his NRL Hunter rifle builds.

There are three "divisions" within the NRL Hunter League that separate competitors by their rifle setups. The three divisions are "Factory," "Open Light," and "Open Heavy." The Factory division restricts competitors to using factory original SKU rifle setups (with standard bolt-on accessories and optics). The Open divisions restrict rifles by weight, with "light" being 12 pounds maximum and "heavy" being 16 pounds maximum. The Open Light and Heavy classes are where we see the most high-end and customized rifles in the NRL Hunting League.

NRL Hunter stressed field positions and practical shooting skill. Photo courtesy of the NRL.

In Mike's video, he shows us his 14-pound "Heavy" and his 11.8 Pound "Light" 6.5 Creedmoor rifles. Both rifles in the video feature Lone Peak Fuzion actions, APA Fat Bastard muzzle brakes, Leupold MK5 5-25 PR2 optics, and Triggertech Diamond Triggers. You may be thinking something along the lines of, "well, they sound like the same build, right? How are they different?" The rifle Mike runs for NRL "Open Light" competitions is fitted with an MDT HNT26 Carbon Fiber Chassis. Mike says this chassis system is adjustable and shoots fantastically. While Mike was hesitant to chamber an 11.8-pound rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor, he claims the carbon fiber MDT chassis "just eats recoil."

The "Open Heavy" class rifle featured in Mike's video is equipped with an MDT XRS Chassis, which he says is one of the most "under-estimated, underutilized chassis out there." The XRS is described as absorbing recoil nicely and being highly customizable. Rounding out both of these rifle builds are MDT bipods to give them reliable stabilization at the lightest weight possible. Mike says he switches between his Ckypod and Double Pull Ckypods depending on terrain types and weight restrictions.

Mike Lilly, getting it done

Mike Lilly, getting it done. Photo courtesy of the NRL.


Ceck out the Hunting With the Lillys YouTube channel! Information about the NRL Hunter League can be found here. 


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