Ultimate Reloader: 6mm ARC and MDT TIMBR Frontier Rifle Stock - MDT Mention

2023 Jun 6th

Ultimate Reloader: 6mm ARC and MDT TIMBR Frontier Rifle Stock - MDT Mention

Gavin Gear from Ultimate Reloader recently released a video highlighting his new 6mm ARC-chambered MDT TIMBR Frontier rifle build. In the introduction of the video, Mr. Gear states how excited he is about this build and the intriguing nature of building this rifle.

The host begins his rifle's overview by showing the Birch hardwood laminate green/wood and gray/wood colors the MDT TIMBR is offered in. Gavin chose the green and natural wood finished stock and mentions the leather patch, interchangeable vertical or slanted rubber over-molded pistol grips with the rifle, and the foam-topped cheek riser on the butt of the stock. The TIMBR features an aluminum micro-chassis with an ambidextrous paddle-style magazine release located at the front of the trigger guard.


Mr. Gear then discusses his research into the 6mm ARC cartridge, which led him into a rabbit hole of SAAMI chamber headspace measurements. Using a Hornady headspace comparator, the host measured three different 6mm ARC factory loadings and confirmed they all maintained the same headspace-centric measurements. This research led Gavin to pick his headspace measurements for his new rifle build and lathe-cut the chamber of the rifle to the SAAMI-minimum measurements of 1.1901 inches.

After reviewing the tools and hardware he used to build this rifle, Mr. Gear shows his Build Bill of Materials, including the MDT TIMBR Frontier Short Action Stock, Bat TR action, Bartlein 1:7.5 barrel blank cut to 24 inches, TriggerTech Diamond 2-Stage Trigger, Athlon Cronus 4.5-29x56mm Optic, MDT 6 Dasher Magazine and an MDT GRND-POD Bipod. To assemble the rifle, the host removed the included rail and added an ARCA rail on the bottom of the stock's forend, swapped the included pistol grips, dialed in the buttstock Length-of-pull and mounted the optic.

Halfway through the break-in of the rifle, the host gives his thoughts on its performance. Starting with Hornady Match factory ammunition, the shooter's second three-shot group was 0.216" at 100 yards with consistent muzzle velocities at a deviation of 8 feet per second. Then, Gavin shot three five-round groupings with 8208 XBR powder and Sierra 107 Grain projectiles at three different charge rates, which shot 0.643 inches with 26.7 Grains of gunpowder, 0.457 inches with 26.9 Grains of gunpowder, and 0.244 inches with 27.1 grains of 8208 gunpowder, which is almost the maximum-recommended loading.

Gavin wraps the video by noting that he thinks this build will be a "Rock Chuck slayer" and is looking forward to hunting with it while inviting the YouTube Community to discuss their preferred factory and hand-loaded 6mm ARC ammunition loadings.


Ultimate Reloader did a thorough analysis of the build, which can be found here! Click here for more information about the MDT TIMBR Frontier Stock


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