Savage Arms 110 Ultralite Elite - MDT Mention

Posted by Thomas Gomez on 2024 Jan 4th

Savage Arms 110 Ultralite Elite - MDT Mention

From Thompson submachine guns to PRS-ready bolt action rifles, Savage Arms has had an interesting history dating back to its founding in 1894. The company has established itself as an innovator in the firearms industry, consistently producing quality rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Savage Arms caters to hunters, sportsmen, plinkers, and competitive and tactical shooters, offering a wide array of reliable and versatile firearms. Over the years, Savage Arms has maintained its reputation for delivering dependable and affordable firearms, making it a trusted choice for those seeking reliable performance in various shooting disciplines. Responsive to the needs of their customers, it is no surprise they are offering the 5.8 lb Savage Arms 110 Ultralite Elite, which is perfect for the hunter who needs a premium lightweight backcountry rifle.


The Savage Arms 110 Ultralite Elite features a 20 MOA Picatinny rail, lightweight stainless steel receiver with a black Cerakote finish, 1.5-4 lb adjustable ACCUTRIGGER, flush MDT flush detachable magazine, Proof Research carbon fiber wrapped stainless steel barrel, Omniport Muzzle Brake, and a fluted bolt. The Savage receiver is mated to a Cerakote Gun Metal Grey MDT HNT26 Chassis System, which features a folding stock, an ARCA-equipped carbon fiber handguard, and a carbon fiber grip. The modular, lightweight, and smooth design makes the MDT HNT26 Chassis the best hunting chassis on the market today.

The Savage 110 Ultralite Elite will be available in 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 308 Winchester, 7mm PRC, 300 WSM and 300 Win Mag.

Savage Arms Ultralite Elite on an antelope hunt in New Mexico.

Here is MDT Pro Shooter Jon Pynch discussing the merits of the MDT HNT26 Chassis System.


Savage's complete line of MDT-equipped chassis rifles can be found here. Check out Savage's blog, which has great content and some awesome wild game recipes!


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