PRS Production Division Rifle And Setup - Inside MDT

Posted by Cory Ross on 2023 Jul 27th

PRS Production Division Rifle And Setup - Inside MDT

The Precision Rifle Series, like many competitive sports, has a variety of divisions to help level the playing field and offer more opportunities for people to be involved. New shooters don't always want to compete in the "open" division, where the top Pros generally shoot. Trust me, lining up against a Ken Sanoski or Allison Zane is intimidating, let alone trying to compete in the same division as them when you are a novice. The open division rules are lax; there aren't any strict restrictions on the firearms or optics a shooter uses other than caliber. (A shooter cannot exceed 30 caliber or 3200 FPS). Here, rifle setups could soar to $10,000+. For many people, getting involved and dropping that kind of cash on something new is a non-starter, especially now. With the economy currently sliding and both rifle and reloading components soaring in price, people simply can't afford to shoot as much. That is where the Production Division comes into play.

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The production division was designed for new shooters to take an off-the-shelf rifle and optic and go compete. Here, there are restrictions on cost. From PRS: "Production Division rifles shall not exceed $3,000 USD as listed on the company's website. The optic shall not exceed $2,500

USD as listed on the company's website." Further rules show that the manufacturer must be substantiated, with a minimum production run of 50 rifles, before being qualified as a production-class gun.

The production division is a great route for the person starting in PRS for the first time! Thanks to the introduction and rise of the 6mm and 6.5 Creedmoor and companies like Savage offering rifles like the 110 Elite Precision rifle, the market has exploded with factory offerings of precision rifles in various calibers.

Savage 110 Elite Precision is competition ready. Just attach a scope and a bipod and start training.

Many manufacturers now list and build rifles that fit within the production division parameters. For example, companies like Savage, Tikka, and Ruger offer multiple rifle options that fit these rules. As for caliber, 6.5mm Creedmoor is very popular within the production division, and it's still relatively easy to find quality off-the-shelf ammo. However, 6mm Creedmoor and newcomer, 6mm ARC, are gaining footholds.

The Savage ELITE Series has some PRS Production Division ready rifles that feature an MDT Chassis System.

Just like rifle manufacturers, optic manufacturers are building and offering rifle scopes to fit within the rule parameters. Leupold, Nightforce, TRACT, Bushnell, Burris, Vortex, and Primary Arms all make excellent optics below the $2,500 mark. When choosing an optic, consider a 30mm or 34mm main tube and buy quality rings. MDT makes a suite of high-quality scope rings that will work great. Get a scope level.


While the stock model will suffice for most people, some upgrades are worth a look at, like ARCA rails and weights. If your Production Rifle has M-LOK slots, consider adding the MDT 10.25" M-lok to ARCA rail adapter. With Arca, you can quickly adjust your bipod, add a plate, or switch to a tripod. Next, to balance the rifle and help in recoil management, consider a couple of MDT M-lok forend weights. This helps with recoil management and helps balance the rifle when shooting off bags.

ARCA rails offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to attaching tripods and bipods.


In conclusion, the Precision Rifle Series' Production Division offers an excellent entry point for new shooters looking to compete without breaking the bank. With a focus on off-the-shelf rifles, this division ensures that participants can join the competition without needing a custom rifle. With the $3,000 limit on rifles and a $2,500 limit on optics, the division encourages accessibility and fair play. Numerous factory offerings fit within the division's parameters thanks to the increasing popularity of calibers like 6.5mm Creedmoor and the emergence of 6mm Creedmoor and 6mm ARC. Leading rifle and optic manufacturers now cater to the production division, making it easier for shooters to find suitable options. Moderate upgrades like ARCA rails and forend weights can enhance rifle performance without straying from the rules. Overall, the Production Division opens doors for aspiring PRS competitors to experience the excitement and camaraderie of precision rifle shooting in a budget-friendly and logistically easy manner.



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