Posted by Adam Scepaniak on 2022 Jan 20th


Editor's Note: MDT Mentions is a new series where we highlight unique individuals discussing rifle builds, skill sets, or going over gear that pertains to shooting.

MDT ACC Chassis System on stump

TheFirearmBlog, or TFB, affectionately known for its apolitical "Firearms Not Politics" stance covers a wide range of firearms topics. From concealed carry and silencers to machine guns and precision rifles. There are very few corners of the firearms universe that TFB does not go.

Recently, TFB's Editor-In-Chief Pete built a unique precision rimfire rifle. The rifle's core was a Vudoo V-22 Barreled Action bolted to an MDT ACC Chassis. Atop the Vudoo V-22, Pete mounted a Vortex Razor Gen 2 4.5-27 and a Thunder Beast Arms Corporation 22 Take Down Suppressor for noise suppression. For a trigger Pete used a Timney Remington 700 2 Stage.

Screenshot of article about precision rimfire series featuring the MDT ACC Chassis System

According to Pete, the MDT ACC Chassis was chosen because he wanted to emulate long-range, precision-style shooting typically seen in PRS/NRL matches but accomplish it more affordably via the path of rimfire. The beauty of the ACC Chassis, according to Pete, is that this chassis is a drop-in, free-float design, so assembly was a breeze. The Vudoo V-22 barreled action is a short-action Remington 700 footprint that allows for the barreled action to be used in various chassis systems. If Pete ever grew tired of shooting rimfire, he could swap the Vudoo for a centerfire short-action Remington 700 style action and have a large caliber, short-action ready for work.

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The ACC Chassis, designed for competition, is incredibly modular and adaptive to the needs of a competition shooter. This milled, one-piece chassis boasts 10 M-LOK slots on all three facings of the forend for endless accessorizing. Also, an ARCA rail runs the entire length of the forend to make the addition of tripods, bags, and bipods a cinch. These are all key features long-range shooters – rimfire or centerfire – admire.

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Other MDT components that were high on Pete's build list were the SRS-X Stock, Forend Hood, and Vertical Grip. The SRS-X Stock attaches to the ACC Chassis simply with one large hex bolt, which is intuitive and easy. The MDT Vertical Grip is equally easy to install by connecting the inner structural piece to the ACC Chassis and then sandwiching that with your two grip halves to complete the Vertical Grip. The Forend Hood predictably is seated over the top of the ACC Chassis and mitigates mirage but can also be used to mount prisms or night vision devices.

Closeup of ACC buttstock interface

Installing a barreled action to an MDT chassis is intuitive and relatively simple. As Pete demonstrated in his article, you do not need to be a gunsmith to jump into the realm of precision shooting, whether it be in rimfire or bigger, centerfire cartridges. Just pick up a barreled action from a reputable company and bolt to a quality chassis system


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