Inside MDT - MDT Products that will work with Modern Sporting Rifles

Posted by MDT on 2022 Sep 6th

Inside MDT - MDT Products that will work with Modern Sporting Rifles

MDT is known for its suite of quality Chassis Rifle Systems and accessories made for bolt action rifles; however, many of our products can also work great with Modern Sporting Rifles like the SIG MCX and the AR-15/M-16/MK18 family of weapons and their derivatives. Let's look at our catalog and see which of our accessories will work with Modern Sporting Rifles.

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MDT manufactures both vertical and a more traditional angled grip. Both grips attach to an AR-15 style interface. All of our Angled Grips will work with an AR-15/AR-10 and have a hole or pocket for the detent spring. Our angled grips are available in Carbon Fiber, Wood, and a traditional Santoprene rubber overmold.

MDT Pistol Grip - Elite

For a vertical grip solution, our Vertical Grip Elite is available for AR-15/AR-10 rifles and will have a pocket for the detent spring. The Vertical Grip Elite is available in black, gray, flat dark earth, and MDT Green.

MDT Vertical Grip - Elite Green


Modern Sporting Rifles are highly modular and can be optimized for Law Enforcement/Military and hunting applications that leverage night vision and thermal technology. These disciplines and specialties take advantage of shooting platforms like tripods. One of the best ways to attach a rifle to a tripod is via an ARCA rail.

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MDT offers several ARCA rails, but the M-LOK Arca Rail can attach to an M-LOK handguard and allow the rifle to connect to both tripods and bipods quickly. Our M-LOK Arca Rail is available in four sizes, from 3.3" up to 10.25".

Note the small ARCA rail on the bottom of this firearm. This firearm has been set up for hunting feral hogs at night. Photo Courtesy of Anthony Amantine.


MDT makes a suite of great buttstocks for our bolt action Chassis Systems that are available in a Carbine interface and our proprietary XTN interface. Our Carbine interface is modeled after the AR-15/M16 buffer tube/receiver extension and will work with any system that uses this design for a buttstock. These stocks will work with Modern Sporting Rifles like the SIG MCX as long as you have an adapter.

MDT SCS Buttstock

Our Skeleton Carbine Stock, the MDT SCS - Skeleton Carbine Stock, can work with a Modern Sporting Rifle like an AR15. In this video from Tactical Hyve, Army Ranger Dave Steinbach discusses his rifles and specifically mentions the MDT SCS - Skeleton Carbine Stock. Please note he did have to make a slight modification due to the charging handle.

Here is another great video of Dave Steinback getting in some reps with his MDT SCS-equipped rifle!


Since we are discussing Modern Sporting Rifles, which are usually fed from STANAG/AR-15 magazines, a question we often receive is if we make a chassis system that will accept an AR-15 Magazine. Most of our Chassis Systems feed from an AICS-style magazine except for our LSS XL Gen 2 Chassis for the Mossberg MVP (223) and the Ruger American SA AR.


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