Colion Noir's First Elk Hunt - MDT Mentions

Posted by Cory Ross on 2023 Dec 12th

Colion Noir's First Elk Hunt - MDT Mentions

Hunting. It's one of the most basic and innate forms of human nature. For thousands of years, hunting meant survival. It's how society was formed. Today, there is a disconnect in how our food gets to our refrigerators and tables, and for most, hunting has become a pastime rather than a necessity. In a recent video, Leupold brought YouTube personality, 2a Activist, and lawyer Colion Noir out to experience the thrill and the hardship of the hunt.

Colion Noir is best known for his YouTube channel, Colion Noir, where he reviews new products, dissects court rulings, and discusses the importance of the 2nd Amendment.


Leupold Optics is a brand that is bigger than its product line. The company and its people live, breathe, and eat the things their consumers do. Unsurprisingly, they have a facility perfect for tuning up before a big game hunt that includes rifle setup and optics sight in, a flat range proving ground, and a dynamic range to practice hiking and shooting from uncomfortable positions. Colion learns the basics of backpack hunting in the hills and mountains of the American West. For many Eastern Hunters, hiking over thousands of acres of untamed wilderness to stalk and hunt is a dream—and Colion is living it. While the exact details of the rifle are unclear, the rifle appears to be a custom action and carbon-fiber barrel sitting in an MDT HNT26 chassis. The glass, of course, is from Leupold and comes from their VX-6 line—Leupold's highest tier in their hunting line. While the video overviews an amazing experience, connecting man and beast, it also highlights Leupold's line of products—from optics and binoculars to chest harnesses that keep everything close at hand.


Hiking over rough terrain is hard. Adding the logistics of carrying everything on your back, including a rifle and handgun, makes the experience all that more exhausting. But the serenity of nature substantiates the experience—or, as Colion describes it, "beautiful misery." Conversely, the video's highlight isn't Colion talking about his youth or experiences or even the products showcased, but the cinematography of the hunt. The beauty of nature, the peace and idyllic presence of the world, and inner peace are breathtakingly captured. All of this erupts into a conclusion that can only be described as reverence—a deep respect for the game taken, the challenges that were overcome, and the momentary realization of taking life. It's that deep respect that drives hunters. It was an experience that Colion craved. It was the connection he needed. While the urban lifestyle brings the immediacy of interaction, hunting in the mountains brings something entirely beautiful—inner peace.

Check out Colion Noir's epic hunt, titled Colion Noir's FIRST Elk Hunt – Leupold Behind the Core, and all of the other epic adventure videos Leupold creates. More information about the MDT HNT26 Chassis System can be found here.



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