Advantages of the MDT Poly/Metal Magazine

Posted by Thomas Gomez on 2022 Apr 12th

Advantages of the MDT Poly/Metal Magazine

In the early 80s, Accuracy International pioneered the rifle chassis with the Accuracy International Chassis System. Designed alongside their Chassis was the Accuracy International Chassis System magazine, also known as the AICS magazine. The AICS magazine has become the de facto standard in the industry and is produced by several companies. MDT makes a suite of high-quality AICS pattern magazines for short, medium, and long action rifle systems in both polymer and metal.

MDT ACC Chassis System with MDT Poly/Metal AICS Magazine

MDT makes a unique metal-polymer hybrid AICS style magazine, the MDT Poly/Metal AICS Magazine. The MDT Poly/Metal AICS Magazine features a polymer body, metal feed lips, a removable base plate, and a window. The Poly/Metal is available for the following short action calibers:

  • 308 WIN
  • 243 WIN
  • 7mm-08 WIN
  • 6mm Creedmoor
  • 6.5 Creedmoor
  • 260 REM
  • 22-250 REM (With reduced capacity)
  • 308/7.62x51 NATO
  • 6mm XC

The MDT Poly/Metal AICS Magazine is available in black and flat dark earth and will hold ten rounds.

MDT Poly/Metal AICS Magazine Black and FDE

Metal magazines are great and very strong. Polymer has a tensile strength similar to metal but weighs less. Metal and polymer alone make great magazines, but you get a unique magazine when you combine them. Let's look at some of the benefits of the MDT Poly/Metal Magazine.

  • The MDT Poly/Metal Magazine is several ounces lighter than its all-metal counterparts. If you need to cut weight, these magazines are worth a look. These magazines are definitely worth looking at if you built a lightweight hunting system around the HNT26 Chassis.
  • Metal feed lips allow you to make minor adjustments to accommodate specialty cartridges with unique shoulders and cartridge lengths.
  • Since the magazine body is made of polymer, there is a lot of flexibility in the design. To enhance the MDT Poly/Metal Magazine, MDT incorporated a clear polymer window that allows the users to simply glance at the magazine window to get an idea about round count and status. This can be a huge advantage on a hunt or in a life or death situation.

The MDT Poly/Metal Magazine costs $49.95 and is available here.


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