My day job is a business analyst. My shooting goals are to learn something new every match and introduce as many people to our community as possible. I learned to shoot as a young person hunting with my family.

Years Shooting Competitively:


Favorite Drill:

One shot drills.

PRS Class:


NRL Hunter Class:

Open Heavy

Favorite Restaurant at Matches:

Chik-fil-a and Starbucks

Recommended Unconventional Gear:

Tweezers and nail clippers.

Kili runs a Lone Peak Fuzion action. It's a Remington 700 pattern so it fits most aftermarket accessories like our MDT chassis. It's done up with a proof barrel, competition contour, and a Triggertech trigger. This deadly combo sits in an MDT ACC Chassis. The Leupold MK5 5-25 scope mounted using MDT Elite Scope Rings that attach to the picatinny base of the rifle action. She also runs an MDT Double-Pull Ckye-Pod for speed and versatility at a match.

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