I work at Applied Ballistics in Marketing and Lab Projects, and co-host the Miles To Matches Podcast. My main goals for this season are to maintain an average of 90% of the course of fire, finish the season with 300 points and a top 10 season finish. I learned to shoot with my dad at a young age, but competition has been a self-taught endeavor focusing on process and mindset.

Years Shooting Competitively:


Top 10 Finishes:


PRS Class:


PRS Standing:


Favorite Restaurant at Matches:

Waffle House

Recommended Unconventional Gear:

Electrolytes, Multi-tool, RainX

Francis runs an Impact 737r action with a Triggertech diamond pro curve and a Bartlein 6.5 Creedmoor barrel for his practice rifle and the same action with a 6 Dasher for competition. His high end rifle action uses an MDT ACC Elite for a chassis. The scope he has mounted on this rifle is a Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25x56 PR2 using the MDT Elite scope rings. His MV3 Electronic level and single-pull MDT Ckye-Pod work together to ensure that the rifle isn't canted to the side when taking an important shot.

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