MDT official side match sponsor of the NRL

The MDT ACC Side Match at NRL Competitions

As the official side match sponsor, MDT is holding an ACC side match at every NRL competition in the country. Come by and get your hands on the ACC Chassis System. In the spirit of competition, each person to participate in the side match is scored and the winner gets a certificate from MDT for 50% off the purchase of the ACC Chassis System.

The ACC side match is held on sign in day (Friday). Check out some of the details below.

Course of Fire

  • Time: 120 seconds
  • Round Count: 6
  • Range on Target: between 250-350 yards on target that is 3-4 MOA
  • Points: 1 point per hit with time being kept by shot timer
  • Equipment: Rifle in MDT ACC Chassis System, ammunition and bag (provided by MDT)
  • Start position: Port arms, magazine in with bolt back. Shooter shall be standing next to the tank trap
  • Description: Upon the start signal, shooter will utilize any one of the tank trap tips and engage the target with 2 rounds. Then switch to a different tip and engage with 2 rounds. Lastly, the shooter shall utilize the remaining tip and engage with 2 rounds.

How To Win

The winner of the side match is the shooter who gets the most hits, in the fastest time.

What Can I Win

The winner of the MDT side match will receive a certificate from MDT for 50% off the purchase of an MDT ACC Chassis System.


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