MDT Mag Extender for Metal Magazines

Add +2 capacity to your AICS metal short action magazines and gain an advantage in high round count competitions.

Lightweight and durable, only minutes to install.

MDT Mag Extender for Metal Magazines
As low as $14.95

MDT Mag Extender for metal AICS short action magazines


Tested and compatible with MDT, AICS and Accurate-Mag AICS pattern 3.050 length metal magazines.

Important Notes

When used with MDT 10-round metal magazines, a longer spring/follower combination must be used (available separately on the MDT website), as the existing spring is not long enough to provide sufficient force on the follower when the extender is installed. This will work with all other known metal 10 round 308 AICS magazines. This extender will not work with any magazine that has any inserts like our 6BR magazine or a metal 223 mag with polymer inserts.

Hardware Included

  • Ships with 4 screws, used to secure extender to your existing magazine