MDT ACC Chassis System for bolt action rifles


Adjustable Core Competition

Primarily suited for the PRS & NRL competition shooting style, the ACC rifle chassis was designed with an integrated weight management system to fine tune rifle weight and balance point to mitigate recoil. Steel weights can be added to the buttstock, interior forend and exterior forend to bring chassis and buttstock to almost 13 lbs. Add action, barrel, scope and accessories and you can push almost 30 lbs in the ACC chassis system.

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Elite Sniper System

The ESS is our most modular rifle chassis - chassis base, buttstock and forend options seamlessly integrate to create a custom rifle chassis to suit any shooter. The customizable options for this bolt action chassis make it the perfect rifle stock replacement.

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MDT ESS Chassis System for bolt action rifles
MDT TAC21 Chassis System for bolt action rifles


Long-Range Tactical

The TAC21 rifle chassis system is a combination of benchrest accuracy, superior ergonomics and specialized engineering - all contained in its unique AR-style action housing. The TAC21 provides far superior accuracy and quicker follow up shots than your factory rifle stock due to its straight-line design which sends recoil straight back instead of causing the rifle to kick upwards.

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Enhanced Light Sniper

The LSS-XL is a more feature-rich version of our LSS rifle chassis. Providing all of the same benefits plus a longer forend, integrated thumb shelf and the ability to choose either carbine (collapsible) or fixed buttstock interface upon purchase. The versatile, mid-weight LSS-XL is a well-rounded rifle stock replacement option, ideal for a variety of shooting disciplines.

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MDT LSS-XL Gen2 Chassis System for bolt action rifles
MDT LSS Gen2 Chassis System for bolt action rifles

LSS Gen2

Light Sniper System

The LSS, the most lightweight chassis system in the MDT product line - is the perfect rifle stock replacement for short barrelled, compact rifles. Providing increased accuracy and consistency, the LSS rifle chassis enables the use of carbine (collapsible) buttstocks.

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The hunter/sniper crossover chassis is designed for multi-discipline shooters. This rifle stock replacement features a long flat forend for stable rest on barricades, logs and fences, as well as polymer side panels to create a substantial grip surface that keeps the heat and cold off of your hands. Generous clearance on the forend also allows for any barrel up to the diameter of the action.

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MDT HS3 Gen2 Chassis System for bolt action rifles