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Muzzle Brake - Tactical - Double Port

Muzzle Brake - Tactical - Double Port

Muzzle Brake - Tactical - Double Port

Muzzle Brake - Tactical - Double Port

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Product Description

The MDT Tactical muzzle brake was designed with recoil reduction in mind as this improves follow-up shot speed and accuracy. The MDT Tactical Muzzle Brakes have been proven to reduce recoil by up to 58%*, while dispersing concussive forces away from the shooter. Our Muzzle Brakes are constructed out of steel and are provided with a lock nut and crush washers, this allows the user to choose the preferred method of installation. MDT Tunable Muzzle Brakes allow you to tune the accuracy of your rifle with specific, half-turn adjustments, thus finding the perfect spot for reducing recoil and controlling harmonic vibration, allowing for Sub MOA.

Installation Manual:

Muzzle Brake installation manual can be found here
Muzzle Brake thread profiles can also be found here

General Benefits of Muzzle Brake:

-Produces less concussion than other muzzle brakes for a smaller dust signature

-Blast and sound are directed to the side, away from the shooter.

-Disperse gas and sound equally to all sides

-Improved comfort enables fast, accurate follow-up shots

-Minimize muzzle rise and ground disturbance

-Significantly reduces recoil even without the use of a butt pad

-Tapped hole for optional mirage band

This graph shows the felt recoil force over time we measured in our testing. You can see that the force ramps up, reaches its maximum value, and ramps down over a few milliseconds. As shown in this graph, the maximum force is significantly lower with an MDT Muzzle Brake than without. The .338LM brake reduces felt recoil by 58%.

*From MDT Force Testing:

58% reduction w/ .338LM with butt pad; 21% reduction without butt pad.

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