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MDT Skeleton Rifle Stock V4

MDT Skeleton Rifle Stock V4


MDT Skeleton Rifle Stock V4

MDT Skeleton Rifle Stock V4

The MDT Skeleton Rifle Stock V4 is designed for our TAC21 chassis system.

This version (V4) has several improvements over the first version:

- It is 1" longer. (Still 1" shorter than the Magpul PRS)
- Cheek riser has been textured for a more desirable surface finish
- Overall improved mechanics to eliminate play.
- Total Weight: 2.4lb - 1.2kg

Version 4 improvements: Cheek riser has been moved back by 1" to allow use with our LSS-XL and HS3 Chassis.

The Skeleton Rifle Stock will also work with our LSS chassis using the fixed stock adapter.

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Product Description


The MDT Skeleton Rifle Stock is designed for our TAC21 Chassis systems.
For the LSS Chassis, you will need the fixed stock adapter or our folding stock adapter (coming December 2017) to mount it.

The LOP on this buttstock is 1" less than the Magpul PRS, to compensate for the ergonomics of our chassis.

Length of Pull:
14.5" - 14.5" on the TAC21
15" - 16" on the LSS using the Fixed Stock Adapter. Add 0.75" if using a folding stock adapter.

This buttstock comes with a mini buffer tube for fastening.

Weight: 1.2kg - 2.4lb

Version Improvements

Version 1 - No longer available.
Version 2 - No longer available - Added set screws for solid setup, added 1" to the length.
Version 3 - No longer available .
Version 4- Now shipping - Cheek riser was moved back by 1" to allow for LSS-XL and HS3 Chassis.


Version 4 was modified to allow for our LSS-XL and HS3 chassis. However on long action systems there is still a chance that the buttstock needs to be removed in order to remove the bolt from the action. This is easily solved by using our folding stock adapters!

Important: This buttstock does not work on a standard buffer tube, and therefore is not compatible with AR-10/15

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