I am an active duty service member serving in the Special Operations community. I look forward to helping others learn about shooting and continue to climb the ladder in the PRS. I learned most of my shooting through the military and the competition scene.

Years Shooting Competitively:


Top 10 Finishes:


PRS Class:


PRS Standing:

2021 Top MIL/LE, 29th Open Division

Favorite Restaurant at Matches:

Anywhere with a good steak

Recommended Unconventional Gear:

Bang/C4 Energy Drink, Oura Ring, Sour Patch Kids
Mark is running one of the industry favorite Lone Peak Arms Fuzion actions with a Proof Competition Contour in 6 Dasher and a Triggertech trigger. His barrel device is the MDT Elite Muzzle Brake. His platform of choice is the MDT ACC Elite. For glass, he uses the NightForce Optics 7-35 ATACR Mil-XT with a Spuhr mount. His bipod of choice is the versatile MDT Single pull CKYE-Pod To make sure his shooting data is correct, he runs a Kestrel HUD and an MDT Send It Level.

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