Ckye is the designer behind the Ckye-Pod. He mostly designs and R&D parts for shooting. Mis goal is to practice 15 min per day. What asked about where he learned to shoot he said "I learned to shoot with a couple of buddies, 100000 hours spent on the phone figuring out the "right" way to do things. Not sure if we ever figured it out."

Years Shooting Competitively:


Top 10 Finishes:

No Idea. I found 29 Top 3 trophies.

NRL Class:


Favorite Drill:


Favorite Restaurant at Matches:


Recommended Unconventional Gear:

A large tent for everyone to hang out and get warm in, Snacks and extra gear for people to borrow if they need it.
Ckye is running a Kelbly action with Lilja barrel. These sit in the MDT HNT26 chassis which is great for saving weight in NRL Hunter. His glass is the Burris Xtr Pro with MDT Lightwieght rings. TriggerTech is his preferred trigger supplier. He is also running the OBi Link System and Kestrel Hud. He also relies on his invention, the Ckye-Pod, and he uses the lightweight version in competition.

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