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Ryan Holmquist

Ryan Holmquist is a Customer Support Representative with MDT.   
Ryan started his shooting career at a young age; spending summers at his grandparent's, shooting 4x4 fence post cut offs from the back deck of their acreage on the Sunshine Coast when he was 6.  He has been shooting off and on since then.
For several years he played paintball weekly, rain, snow or shine.  His wife was in Cadets when she was younger. Together, they started looking for weekend activities and decided to get their RPALs, which sparked Ryan's desire to go overboard. 
He has shot every discipline except black powder and has taken professional courses to hone his skills in trap shooting and long range precision rifle shooting.  Before MDT Ryan worked in a retail firearms store for a few years helping to bring a varied range of firearms knowledge to the table.