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Laszlo Klementis

Laszlo Klementis is the founder and an owner of MDT. Before starting MDT as a company, Laszlo acquired over 20 years of valuable experience and knowledge as a machinist on both manual and CNC machinery. In the early 90’s he started getting involved in the world of firearms and most specifically in competitive shooting. Years later, looking for tactical chassis system for his rifle, he quickly realized that it simply did not exist. Combining his machining experience with his passion for firearms, he started designing his own and after twenty-one iterations released the TAC21 chassis. The rest is history in the making.

Laszlo is responsible for New Products Development within MDT. He works closely with our design team and together they make new ideas go from concept to product, always keeping the end user requirements at the heart of MDT’s designs.

In his spare time Laszlo likes to hunt and continues to shoot competitively. Over the years he won several regional F-Class matches as well as the BCRA Service Rifle Championship in 2007 and 2010.