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Do you make a safety extension for the Remington 700 on the TAC21?

If you are looking to have a better handle on the safety with your Remington 700 on our TAC21 chassis, we do not make something for it, but we can point you in the right direction. Magnum Mikes makes a safety extension for $34.99. Please see

Does the folding stock adapter work with the TAC21 or HS3 chassis?

Our folding adapters do work on our HS3, LSS, LSS-XL and ESS chassis. But it does notwork on our TAC21 chassis. Note that these adapters cannot be used on an AR-15, or any system where the bolt travels back into the buffer tube.

Can I use AR-10 or AR-15 magazines with your chassis?

A chassis (or bottom metal) does not determine whether you can use AR Magazines with a bolt action rifle. AR Magazines do not sit high enough against the bottom of bolt actions to make it feed properly. There is only one Bolt Action rifle that allows the use of AR magazines, and that is the Mossb...

Which magazine do I use for 300 RUM?

There is no magazine for this caliber that works right out of the box. You can however use .338LM Magazines, and flatten, or mill out the front ribs.

What action screw spacing do you support for Savage Actions?

Our chassis do not list the action bolt spacing for our Savage chassis because, our chassis will accept both Savage actions lengths (4.27" & 4.40"). In the mounting hardware there is an off set washer which will accommodate both action sizes.

Do you ship international?

Yes we do ship internationally from our Canadian location. Note that each shipment is accompanied by an export permit from Export Controls Canada. We recommend to first see if your country has any local dealers at If you are unsuccessful finding a local dea...