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MDT Releases M-Lok to ARCA rail adapters

At Modular Driven Technologies we are constantly monitoring the pulse of our industry’s market, analyzing where it is going, understanding what is popular or not, anticipating trends, all the while keeping the end user in mind, whether you are an experienced long range competitor or making your first steps in the world of bolt action rifles and chassis systems.

Helping you Shoot Better™ is what drives us to expand our product offering and provide you with complete systems which will enhance your performances. Our latest addition to the MDT family of products are the M-Lok to ARCA rail adapters.

A few years ago the ARCA rail system was just starting to make an appearance in the rifle accessories market, but since then, it has gained a growing following, especially among the long range shooters community. As more “ARCA” or “RRS Dovetail Standard” accessories are coming to market, MDT is excited to introduce these rail adapters which are offered in four different lengths (3.25", 7", 8.6" & 10.25").

The primary use for these rails is to be able to mount your rifle rapidly and seamlessly on a tripod, when stability is what you’re looking for to make that shot and shooting prone is not an option. The long rails will also provide you with enough length to position your different ARCA accessories while the shorter ones will adapt to your existing chassis system configuration, adding the convenience to be able to switch to a tripod position in seconds.

These ARCA rail adapters are compatible with our chassis systems and forends featuring the standard M-Lok slots. They are now available and can be ordered at


  • Joshua,
    It depends which model of TAC21 Forend you have. If your TAC21 is equipped with our M-Lok forend then these adapters will fit. However if your TAC21 forend is the original model (large oval slots on the forend) then you will need to use our “Bolt-on” ARCA Rail adapter which is now available on our website.

    Julien Garnier
  • Can these Arca Swiss adapters mount directly to the TAC21 chassis? Or would some modificaiton be required?

    Joshua de Marrais
  • Ryan,
    Yes, these rails can be mounted slightly forward at the end of your handguard. By how much will depend on your set up: if you have a heavy barrel it would be recommended not to place it too far forward. Please note that these M-Lok Arca Rails adapters will not fit on our LSS chassis which does not have M-Lok slots on the handguard. We have a bolt on version coming out soon which will fit the LSS chassis.
    I hope this helps.

    Julien Garnier
  • Can these new arca rail adaptors be mounted slightly forward of the end of the handguard and still maintain structural integrity? I would like to be able to mount a bipod 2-3 inches more forward than I currently am able to on my lss chassis.

    Ryan Kelly

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