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MDT Releases LSS Chassis System for Mossberg Patriot SA


In 2015 Mossberg released a new line of bolt action rifle: the Mossberg Patriot. Since then the number of users of this inexpensive rifle keeps growing, proving that the accuracy Mossberg promised on their latest bolt action rifle was no myth.

Over the last couple years many of you have inquired if MDT had plans to release a chassis system for the Mossberg Patriot. With every new MDT product release, numerous requests poured in from shooters around the globe to be able to install their Mossberg Patriot in one of our renowned chassis systems to couple this rifle’s accuracy with the “out of the box” accuracy MDT’s chassis systems provide.

Since we are all about coming alongside bolt action rifle shooters to help them Shoot Better™ we are thrilled to announce that our LSS chassis system is now available for the Mossberg Patriot rifle chambered for short action calibers. The reason we chose our LSS chassis system is that it was specifically designed for short barrelled bolt action rifles (the Mossberg Patriot features a 22” barrel) and it is a compact chassis system which will not take away from the lightweight characteristic of the Patriot rifle.

You can now experience the increased accuracy that our chassis systems are known to provide with features like our “V-shaped” bedding and free-floating forend. The LSS chassis also features external box magazine feeding which will increase your magazine capacity from the 5+1 Mossberg magazine to the 10 rounds capacity of our MDT polymer or metal magazines or any AICS pattern magazines. The LSS is also designed to accommodate forend accessory rails and a multitude of different collapsible AR15 style buttstocks and pistol grips for further customization of your Mossberg Patriot rifle.

Increased accuracy. Better ergonomics. What better way to treat your Mossberg Patriot to a remodeled look and an increase in performance! MDT’s LSS chassis systems for Mossberg Patriot short action rifles can now be ordered at


  • Mark,
    It depends on which action you have: if Patriot yes it will fit, if 4×4 or 100 ATR then no it won’t fit. Please note this chassis is currently only available for short action calibers.

    Julien Garnier
  • Will this fit the night train 1

  • Should have it in a long action. Many hunters and gun owners have long action rifles and with the growing percentage of people turning towards the mossberg patriot as a great budget rifle, long action chassis would be the way to go.

    Corey C
  • George,
    The terms Short Action & Long Action are usually used to indicate which calibers these chassis will be compatible with. If your Mossberg Patriot is chambered in 30-06 (Long Action caliber) it will unfortunately not fit our LSS Mossberg Patriot Short Action chassis system. The release of a Mossberg Patriot Long Action is being assessed but is not confirmed at this time.

    Julien Garnier
  • What is the difference between short action and long action with the patriot 30-06?
    I like the look of your stocks… just don’t know if it’s goibg to fit?
    22” fluted barrel ?


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