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MDT Releases ESS Carbon Fiber Forend


The countdown has started: in only a few more days 2017 will end and we will all start 2018 with new resolutions, plans or aspirations. Just as any company, MDT had a lot of expectations for 2017 and our team now looks back with satisfaction as we worked hard to meet a substantial number of them. The ESS chassis system has played a major part in MDT’s 2017 new releases and we are extremely proud of this new addition to our chassis system line seeing the growing popularity and overwhelmingly positive feedback it has received this year.

Before a new year starts we thought it would only be right to end 2017 with another important ESS release, so we are excited to announce that the MDT ESS Carbon Fiber Forend is now available.

While some might assume that weight reduction was the main driver on this release, the “coolness” factor and awesome aesthetics were at the forefront of our design specifications when we developed it. With a total weight of .53 lb (241 grams), the ESS Carbon Fiber Forend is still 30% lighter than its equivalent in aluminum and we can assure you that it does look fantastic.

MDT ensured that the ESS Carbon Fiber Forend would be a slick addition to your ESS chassis. This octagonal tubular forend comes in 15” length and has a very ergonomic outline: unlike most of the existing carbon fiber forend on the market which have straight ends, MDT’s ESS Carbon Fiber Forend has two slanted aluminum caps on each end which give it a very sharp look.

Other key features of our ESS Carbon Fiber Forend are 2 QD inserts on the either side of the forend tip, a sling swivel stud and M-Lok slots on all sides including “half” M-Lok slots on the bottom side for increased strength. To confirm the durability of this new product we also cycle tested it by flexing it at the tip over 5,000 times so it goes without saying that not only this will enhance the look of your system, but it will also endure the test of time.

Find out more about our ESS Carbon Fiber Forend and ESS chassis system by visiting us at For those of you who think that is still not enough carbon fiber for your rifle keep an eye open for our upcoming ESS Carbon Fiber Cheek Rest and Foregrip accessories which we’ll release early next year.


  • Ovidiu,

    We are working on setting up more personalized options on our websites for individual parts purchase on the ESS chassis system.

    Julien Garnier
  • Wish they would have more personalized option on the drop menus to buy individual parts and chassis for the ess , not to push you to buy a full kit and then order other parts to replace full kit , if you want to buy the chassis alone no option , and wait for the folder etc


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