Shot Show 2024 - Updated Chassis Systems - Inside MDT

Posted by Thomas Gomez on 2024 Jan 25th

Shot Show 2024 - Updated Chassis Systems - Inside MDT

The 2024 SHOT SHOW is in full swing, and MDT has released some new products like our MDT Crush iT Stage Timer and our hit indicator/target sensor system, the MDT Echo Target Sensor. Besides some great shooting accessories, we have upgraded several of our chassis offerings based on customer feedback and insight from years of manufacturing and research and development. Let's take a look at some of our updated Chassis Systems!


For 2024, we are offering an updated version of the MDT ACC Premier Chassis system. Based on customer feedback, we have shortened the forend to 15 inches and borrowed key elements from the MDT ACC Elite for the forend and buttstock. Some features of the MDT ACC Premier GEN 2 include:

  • 15 Inch Forend
  • Compatible with internal and external weights
  • Will accept ACC Elite dampeners
  • Compatible with ACC Elite Buttstock
  • Same forend thickness as the MDT ACC Elite Chassis
  • Compatible with the MDT Vertical Adjustment butt-pad
  • Available in Black, FDE, and Charcoal Green

The MDT ACC Premier GEN 2 will be offered in a Remington 700 SA RH configuration, with options for Tikka T3 SA, CZ 457, and Savage SA soon to follow. Let's look at our MDT JAE-700 G5 Chassis System!

MDT JAE-700 G5

In addition to an updated MDT ACC Premier GEN 2, our engineers spent a lot of time working on our MDT JAE-700 chassis system. Upgrades include:

  • Integrated ARCA RAIL
  • Adjustable barricade stop
  • New forend to accommodate internal weights
  • An ACC Elite adjustable mag latch
  • The ability to use old JAllen Panels
  • Weight reduction in the buttstock.

For 2024, we will also offer our MDT TIMBR Frontier Stock with non-laminate wood for a traditional but modern look. Information and videos will be out soon!

Are you at the 2024 SHOT SHOW? MDT is at Booth #71113 in the CAESARS FORUM. Swing by and say hello!



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