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  • 10/24/2017


    MDT Well Represented at GAP Grind 2017

    Just over two weeks ago the largest precision rifle match ever hosted was held in Finger, Tennessee. K&M Precision Rifle Training hosted the GAP Grind 2017 which gathered 324 pro and amateur shooters from across the US & Canada who competed through 20 different stages over the week-end.

    MDT was well represented by a couple of its sponsored shooters, Ryan McLean and Ken Thiessen who respectively placed 158th and 138th. As this was a pro/am event the focus was on helping the amateur shooters through the 20 stages and team results were based on where the amateur shooters placed.

    MDT competitors in parking lot

    For this event, Ryan used an Ultimatum U300 rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor caliber and Ken used a Trued and blueprinted Remington 700 in 260 Ackley Improved. Both rifles were configured in a MDT ESS chassis system which performed extremely well as per Ryan & Ken.

    As a matter of fact, Ken reported that he experienced a trigger malfunction on Day 1 which cost him some points. After replacing it, he did not get any time to check zero and was not permitted to adjust his scope before rolling right into the next stage. As you can see on this video link, he still hit 8 out of 9 targets at 523, 628 & 861 yards, confirming the accuracy and consistency of the rifle’s installation in the ESS chassis system.

    MDT ESS at GAP Grind 2017

    Overall the event was a success and our sponsored shooters are already anticipating the 2018 edition of the GAP Grind.

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