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  • 2/16/2018



    In response to the feedback we received from the TAC21 chassis system shooters' community we made a couple changes to our existing TAC21 forend design to provide additional options: the oval slots have been replaced by M-Lok slots and the forend is now available in 15” length on top of the standard 11".

    MDT Tac21 M-LOK 1 inch forend

    The additional 4” of forend allows for a bipod to be installed closer to the muzzle end of the rifle thus minimizing the muzzle movement relative to the buttstock movement and giving you a more stable sight picture. It also provides more space when holding the rifle in the traditional forehand hold position reducing the possibility of contact between the shooter’s hand and the bipod under recoil.

    MDT Tac21 M-LOK 15 inch forend front view

    MDT's additional TAC21 forend models now feature M-Lok slots on all sides with the exception of the rail profile remaining on the top side. Each side provides eight M-Lok slots which will give you great versatility in installing additional M-Lok accessories such as MDT’s M-Lok rails, barricade or hand stops, ARCA Swiss adapters or QD mounts. This will increase the modularity of your MDT TAC21 chassis system substantially and make your TAC21 forend more functional than ever before.

    MDT’s new TAC21 forends are now available and can be ordered at

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