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  • 4/10/2018


    MDT Releases M-Lok Barricade Stops

    For a few months now, MDT has introduced M-Lok rails and accessories in its product offering. As we continue to develop a variety of M-Lok accessories we are pleased to announce that our M-Lok barricade stops are available.

    MDT M-LOK Barricade Stop pressed against tire

    Unlike the majority of existing barricade stops on the market MDT’s M-Lok barricade stops are machined out of 7075 aluminum alloy which boasts higher strength, hardness and stress resistance than 6061 aluminums. While 7075 is tougher to work with it also brings its increased strength and toughness to the rugged environments of precision rifle shooting and hunting.

    MDT M-LOK Barricade Stop reversed

    Another key difference with many similar products on the market is that MDT’s M-Lok barricade stops have a larger contact surface (0.947-1.083 in2) and a more aggressive “pyramidal teeth” texturing providing a robust anchor point for increased precision shots from odd positions.

    MDT’s M-Lok barricade stops come in two models: you can choose between a “flat face” or a “contoured face” barricade stop. While the “flat face” barricade stop will provide you with a solid grip as the whole surface is in contact, the “contoured face” barricade stop will enable you to grip from a variety of angles.

    MDT M-LOK Barricade Stops Flat face and Round face

    As we continue to design products that will help you shoot better we are satisfied with the testing of these new additions to MDT’s product offering and are positive that you will be as well. You can also check out this short video to see the barricade stops in use.

    Our new MDT M-Lok barricade stops are now available and can be ordered at

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