Posted by MDT Modular Driven Technologies on 2017 Dec 11th


A couple months ago MDT announced that it was expending its offering of Ruger American compatible chassis systems with the release of its modular ESS chassis system for this bolt action rifle. Well we did not stop there with a feeling of a job accomplished and well done, on the contrary, we chose to continue to support this popular platform and remain the leading chassis system company to offer you a variety of customization options.

So, without further ado, MDT is excited to announce that our newly released LSS-XL Gen2 chassis system is now available for the Ruger American bolt action rifle. The bold and modern look of the LSS-XL Gen2 chassis system, inspired from our ESS chassis line will really enhance the aesthetics and ergonomics of your Ruger American rifle.

The LSS-XL Gen2 chassis system will also add to your shooting experience as this design incorporates a lot of the new features introduced on the ESS chassis line. The side relieved magazine well and ambidextrous magazine latch ensure a smooth and easy insertion and release of your magazine. The barricade stop grooves in front of the magazine well provide a steady point of contact for increased accuracy shots. And like other LSS-XL Gen2 models, the Ruger American model is also quite light (1.63 lb) which improves agility without compromising on the increased accuracy.

Thanks to its larger forend channel the LSS-XL Gen2 also accommodates larger barrels (up to 1.350” diameter) and all five sides of the forend are M-Lok compatible allowing numerous customization options including MDT’s M-Lok accessories and LSS-XL Gen2 Night Vision hood which adapts directly into the forend M-Lok slots. You can also install any AR-15 buttstock, pistol grip, and use any AICS pattern magazines including our range of short action MDT magazines (please refer to our notes on magazine for the .223/5.56mm configuration).

The LSS-XL Gen2 will be compatible with all the short action Ruger American models (Standard, Compact, Ranch & Predator) in most available short action calibers (aside from 300 Blackout, .450 Bushmaster & 7.62x39). Unlike other models of the LSS-XL Gen2 the Ruger American model is strictly available in the collapsible configuration.

Check this stunning chassis system for yourself on our website as we look forward to counting you among the numerous LSS-XL Gen2 users and hearing from your personal experience of the system.

Our new LSS-XL Gen2 chassis system for Ruger American are now in stock and can be ordered at


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