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  • 1/7/2018


    MDT Releases LSS Gen2 Chassis System

    L S S. About five years ago these three letters made their very first appearance in the world of bolt action rifles. L S S. Three letters that would set the ground for the future of aluminum chassis systems among the shooting community. L S S. Three letters that have taken the skills of countless bolt action rifle shooters to the next level, never looking back.

    These three letters have set MDT on the right path over the last few years, constantly in search of the next idea to develop, design and turn into an awesome chassis system or rifle accessory, fulfilling the expectations of shooters around the world. Often copied but never equalled, the Light Sniper System has gained a solid and growing following. As a result, building on this steadfast momentum, MDT is thrilled to announce the release of its new and improved LSS Gen 2 chassis system.

    MDT LSS Gen2 Chassis System on stump

    Anchored on the lasting legacy of its predecessor the LSS Gen2 remains a compact and lightweight chassis system ideal for short barreled bolt action rifles. MDT’s V-shaped bedding and free-floating forend are still integral to the LSS Gen2 design, guaranteeing the accuracy increase that has made MDT’s reputation. Its simplicity and compatibility with AR15 buttstocks and pistol grips still makes it the perfect building platform to turn your factory bolt action rifle into an ergonomic precision rifle, customized to your unique preferences.

    The LSS Gen2 chassis system now sports a bold and modern new look inspired by the contours of our more recent chassis lines like the ESS, ACC & LSS-XL Gen2, and is lighter than ever (1.3 to 1.7lb depending on the model). Features like the ambidextrous magazine latch, the barricade stop grooves ahead of the magazine well, the M-Lok slots on the forend and the side relieved and flared magazine well surfaces are all built-in to the LSS Gen2 chassis system. As is standard with the rest of our chassis systems AICS pattern magazines are compatible with the LSS Gen2.

    MDT LSS Gen2 Chassis

    The “Customer Gallery” section of MDT’s LSS page speaks volumes about how popular this chassis system is among bolt action rifle shooters. At MDT we appreciate hearing your stories so the whole team is excited to open this new chapter of the LSS story. Whether you want to sharpen your skills at the range or upgrade your hunting rifle, we look forward to your personal stories that are yet to be written with the LSS Gen2.

    Our new LSS Gen2 chassis system can be ordered at For more information on platform availability and release dates please visit our website.

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