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  • 10/11/2017


    MDT Left Handed ESS Chassis System

    With the first unveiling of the ESS chassis system on social media prior to SHOT Show 2017 and the first reviews of MDT's newest chassis line came a flood of comments and questions portraying the excitement surrounding our new product release. Requests for a left-hand version of the system were among the first received and affirmed our plans to make this platform available to the left-hand shooters.

    Today we are pleased to announce that our left-hand ESS chassis systems are ready, for you lefties, to configure on your bolt action rifles, enhancing their accuracy and their look.

    Since its release earlier this year the MDT ESS chassis system has received abundantly positive feedback from a variety of shooters, whether competing in PRS matches or going to the range to work on their accuracy one round at a time. As some have confirmed, the ESS chassis system has been "a huge part of [their] improvement this year" and "continues to impress [them]" as they get more and more familiar with it. Others endorsed MDT's newest addition recognizing that beside its attractive tactical look, this system has a lot more to offer.

    Users of the ESS chassis system have come to appreciate and praise the features included by MDT on this product line. These features, including ultimate ergonomics, refined magazine well, ambidextrous magazine latch and thumb shelf, near infinite adjustable buttstock positions, polymer forend grip and optimum placement of the pistol grip in relation to the trigger, make "everything about the system feel comfortable and right".

    There is a lot more we could say about the ESS chassis system but in the end, we at MDT, believe that personally handling it will speak louder than a thousand words. So, we look forward to counting you among the numerous ESS users and hearing from your personal experience of the system.

    Our left-hand ESS chassis systems are in stock and available for the following platforms (Remington 700, Savage & Tikka) both in short and long action configuration and can be ordered at

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