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  • 10/16/2017


    MDT ESS Chassis System For Ruger American SA

    In the last couple years, the popularity of the Ruger American bolt action rifles has grown tremendously. These are well designed, affordable hunting/sporting rifles without any compromise on accuracy.

    However, when it comes to customizing your Ruger American a lot of you experience frustration because there is just not a lot of choice on the market. We, at MDT, want to put an end to this by expending our Ruger American compatible chassis systems offering and continue to be the only chassis system company supporting this platform.

    As of today, in addition to our LSS chassis system, our high end ESS chassis system is now available for you to modify your Ruger American rifle the way you want.

    MDT ESS Chassis System for Ruger American

    This particular ESS model will be compatible with all the short action Ruger American models (Standard, Compact, Ranch & Predator) in most available short action calibers (aside from 300 Blackout, and the .450 Bushmaster & 7.62x39 is in progress).

    You can now experience the features of the ESS chassis system which has been widely praised by its users since its first release. The ultimate ergonomics of this system, lockable buttstock positions (LOP, cheek rest height and side-to-side adjustability), optimum placement of the pistol grip in relation to the trigger and modular configurability will enhance your shooting experience and accuracy.

    With all these features comes also the ability to increase your rifle capacity from the 4+1 rounds capacity of the Ruger short action magazine to the 10-round capacity of the MDT magazines (please refer to our notes on magazine for the .223/5.56mm configuration). The redefined magazine well and ambidextrous magazine latch will add to the ease of use of our MDT magazines with this system.

    Our ESS chassis systems for Ruger American short action are in stock can be ordered at

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