MDT Mention - Shooting Illustrated First Look: Proof Research MDT Chassis Rifle

Posted by Adam Scepaniak on 2022 Mar 10th

MDT Mention - Shooting Illustrated First Look: Proof Research MDT Chassis Rifle

When it comes to carbon fiber barrels, one name stands out: Proof Research. Besides their expertise in carbon fiber, Proof makes solid steel barrels that are insanely accurate. To complement their impressive barrels, Proof offers a suite of rifles for hunting and tactical applications. Last year Proof released a competition rifle, the Proof MDT Chassis Rifle, which uses a Proof barrel, premium parts, and an MDT ACC Chassis.

PROOF MDT Chassis with red accents right side

Shooting Illustrated did a fantastic write-up about the rifle.

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Proof Research is known for their innovative use of carbon fiber and advanced composites. The company's carbon fiber-wrapped barrels are popular choice for shooters who want a lightweight rifle that still delivers pinpoint accuracy on-demand. When it came time to build a chassis rifle for precision rifle competitions, Proof Research decided that rather than reinvent the wheel and create its own rifle from scratch, it would partner with companies whose products are already on the podium weekend after weekend.

An accurate rifle starts with a solid foundation. The MDT ACC Chassis used in the Proof MDT Chassis Rifle looks the part with its Proof Research colors and custom engraving. The adjustable length-of-pull and comb height of the rifle are adaptable to any shooter and any unconventional shooting position. The ACC Chassis sports a full Arca rail down the entire length of the fore-end, as well as M-Lok mounting points for weights and other accessories.

The Proof Research competition contour steel barrel has been the choice barrel for some of the world's top precision rifle competitors. When coupled with the MDT buttstock weight, the competition contour barrel works to balance the rifle and decrease felt recoil. The Proof Competition Chassis also features a Zermatt Arms TL3 action, TriggerTech Pro Curved Diamond Trigger with an adjustable pull weight from 4 to 32 ounces, an Area 419 Hellfire muzzle brake, and an MDT 12-round AICS-pattern steel magazine.

A custom-fit hard case is included to haul your rifle to your next match safely and securely. Like all of Proof Research's products, the MDT Rifle is backed by their sub 1/2 MOA accuracy guarantee.

The Proof Research MDT Chassis Rifle is available in either .223 Rem., 6 mm ARC, 6 Dasher, 6 mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, or .308 Win. MSRP is $5,699, and more information on this product and other items from Proof Research are available at

PROOF MDT Chassis with red accents left side

The ACC was designed to be the best competition chassis available. Adjustable comb height, length-of-pull, full-length ARCA, internal and external weights, and the ability to mount innumerable accessories via the M-LOK fore-end allow shooters to customize to their heart's content. MDT will be launching a second generation of the MDT ACC in the coming months!

Check out Proof Research. Aside from complete rifles, Proof makes pre-fit barrels perfect for your next build


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