Build the Precision Rifle Community - Inside MDT

Posted by David Henry on 2024 Mar 28th

Build the Precision Rifle Community - Inside MDT

Let's talk about building the precision rifle community. This is a quick story or example of how I brought someone back to shooting precision rifle competition. I don't know about you, but I know a few people who competed in the past and, for whatever reason, have gotten out of the sport. I have one good friend who is highly involved in the shooting industry. You will see his pictures in major magazines, but he has not shot a precision rifle match in over two years. I asked him one day why he was no longer active on the competition circuit, and he mentioned that he shoots all week, writes about it, and talks to people about it, but he wants to have the weekends to himself.

He lost his love for the sport and maybe lost the connection with the other shooters and the fellowship it fostered. So, I made it my goal to bring him back. I knew he had a passion for precision rifles, teaching others, and learning to improve. Heck, he was an extremely competitive shooter. I just had to find an opportunity to invite him where I thought he would not say no.

Then came the perfect opportunity—a team match. I don't know if you have a lot of team matches in your area, but if so, I think of them as great opportunities to introduce new shooters to the sport or to bring former competitors back. So, we planned to shoot a team match together. Things lined up, and he procured a new MDT ACC Elite chassis, which he wanted to try. He was also testing a new cartridge, the 6GT, which I shoot in competition, so I offered to load ammo for him. In the run-up to the match, we did load development and trued our Kestrel 5700 ballistics solvers.

Our rifles for the Team Match.

The day of the match showed up, and the match director congratulated me on getting Sean to the match. We shot the match and had a great time, but unfortunately, I was not feeling very good, so we left after the last stage. We shot in a division called the trooper division, which meant you had to carry all your gear with you throughout the stage. It was fun. The other unique thing in this match was that we were in the same squad as a couple of new shooters, so we got to do a lot of training. Seeing him help the new shooters with his vast knowledge was great. How did we end up? Well, this is where the fun starts. I got a call later that day saying we won first place in the trooper division. We had a great time, brought home trophies, and guess what—he was at the next club match.

Let's find unique ways to invite our friends from the past or make new friends by inviting them to a match. If you can help them with information, tools, or equipment, do it. Let's take our hobby and help others find a lifelong passion for precision rifles. We all have talked to people at the gun shop or range. Let's be bold and invite them to a match, even if it's just to watch. Or if you have a loaner rifle that you could help them with. Invite them to an NRL 22 match; what's more fun than that? Creating these opportunities will build a relationship that'll last a lifetime.



I have 20+ years in the automotive industry- first managing shops in the northwest for over 13 years and now as a factory rep for Hunter Engineering. I love my family, my faith, and my firearms. I've shot competitively in the PRS southwest region for two years. I also compete in long-range AR-15 competitions at least once a month and am an avid reloader. I have written for Ballistic Magazine's 'Ballistic Best' precision rifle edition for two years. My other hobbies include photography, videography, woodworking, and knife-making. You can find me on Instagram @davidinthesun


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