Bergara Premier Elevate Rifle - MDT Mention

Posted by Eric Drake on 2024 Jan 9th

Bergara Premier Elevate Rifle - MDT Mention

Editor's Note - We wrote a piece on the Bergara Premier Elite, which can be found here.

Alongside the Bergara Premier Elite, the Bergara Premier Elevate rifle has been released for sale by Bergara. Along with accuracy, Bergara wanted to create a lightweight and adaptable rifle for hunting. The Bergara Premier Elevate, like its competition-oriented counterpart, the Bergara Premier Elite, features a TriggerTech trigger and a Bergara Premier action, which has a floating bolt head, one-piece stainless steel bolt body, and two locking lugs. The rest of the action is finished in a satin black nitride coating.

With weight savings being the goal, the barrel and chassis system of the Bergara Premier Elevate are constructed of carbon fiber and lightweight but robust metals. The Bergara “Cure” Carbon Barrel is manufactured with a patent-pending building process in which strands of stainless steel are weaved into the barrel’s carbon fiber. The strands of stainless steel help mitigate heat soak and dissipate heat to promote more consistent accuracy than “traditionally” manufactured carbon fiber barrels.

The action and barrel of the Bergara Premier Elevate rest in an MDT HNT26 Chassis System. The HNT26 utilizes carbon fiber and magnesium, accepts AICS magazines, and has ARCA rails and M-Lok attachments for modularity and adaptability.

The Premier Elevate combines some of MDT and Bergara’s newest bolt action rifle products to provide an ultra-lightweight, factory-warrantied rifle that can be purchased as-is with no building or gunsmithing required.


The Bergara Premier Elevate Rifle is available in 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, and .308 Winchester. This rifle is optimized for hunting, though it will work great for general shooting and NRL Hunter competition.

For more information about the Bergara Premier Elevate Rifle, click here! 


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