Team MDT - Alberta | Virginia | Washington | Utah | Pennsylvania - MDT Field Report

Posted by Thomas Gomez on 2024 Jun 12th

Team MDT - Alberta | Virginia | Washington | Utah | Pennsylvania - MDT Field Report

Team MDT had a busy weekend with a ton of wins and some great placements! Kicking it off, Team MDT shooter Brian Neace took 1st in Open Light, and his son Nolan took 1st in the Young Guns category at the 2024 Willow Creek Washout. Also taking 1st in the Top Factory category was MDT Shooter Jon Pynch. Willow Creek Washout, an NRL Hunter Event, was held in Alberta, Canada.

Brian and Nolan Neace took 1st in the Teams category! Photo courtesy of NRL Hunter.

Jon Pynch with a 1st place win in Factory.

Brian Neace shooting a stage. Photo courtesy of NRL Hunter.

Down in Virginia, Keith Baker took 2nd place in the 2024 Pigg River Precision H.A.M, Presented by Leupold Optics. Team MDT Shooters Andy Slade took 3rd, Francis Colon 5th, Chad Heckler 6th, and Patrick Youngs 7th. Pigg River Precision H.A.M was a PRS event held at the famous Pigg River Precision range in Rocky Mount, Virginia.

2024 Pigg River Precision winners!

Francis Colon with a 5th place finish.

Up in Washington, Daniel Bertocchini took 3rd in the 2024 MDT Barrel Burner At The Lead Farm! MDT Shooters Mark Lee took 5th, and Josh Botha won Top Tactical. The 2024 MDT Barrel Burner was a PRS match held at the Lead Farm facility in Prosser, Washington.

2024 MDT Barrel Burner At The Lead Farm winners! Mark Lee and Daniel Bertocchini on the right.

Down in Utah, MDT Shooter Rusty Ulmer and his teammate Ryan Steinforth took 2nd in the Teams event at the 2024 Hornady Precision Hunter Challenge. Inside MDT Writer Aaron Martin took 8th in Factory Class. The 2024 Hornady Precision Hunter Challenge was an NRL Hunter event held in Price, Utah.

In Pennsylvania, MDT Shooter Matt Stiner took 1st place at the Appalachian Rimfire at MKM June match! The Appalachian Rimfire match is a one-day PRS match held at MKM Precision rifle range and training facility in Kennerdell, Pennsylvania. What is cool, is that the entire podium had an MDT ACC chassis system!

Left to right - Stephanie Burdick (Top Senior), Michael Miller (3rd), Matt Stiner (1st), Dakota Wright (4th and Top Youth) and Mike Nadig (2nd).

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