Adjustable Recoil Pad Assembly for PRS

Adjustable Recoil Pad Assembly for PRS

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MDT Adjustable Recoil Pad Assembly for PRS
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MDT Adjustable Recoil Pad Assembly for PRS
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Very nice but needs tweeking
The Enhanced Adjustable Recoil Pad Assembly is very well machined and well designed. It is allows for adjustment of length of pull, vertical offset and cant (tilt). It is easy to install IF, and its a BIG IF, you know how to disassemble a Magpul PRS buttstock. There is no documentation and since it is made out of high density plastic, it is not obvious (instructions below).

As a long time rifle competitor, the stock adjustments are just what I expected. They make prone shooting much more comfortable. If you don't plan on doing any prone shooting, then it does not buy you much.

There is one serious problem with the unit and that is it will not collapse all the way. The good news is this can be easily fixed by drilling a 3/4 or 7/8 hole in the aluminum plate. This can be accurately centered by using a transfer punch from the inside with the stock taken apart. Once the hole is drilled then the unit will fully collapse. I strongly suggest using a milling machine or a good quality drill press with a vise to do the drilling.

Instructions to disassemble a magpul stock

Remove EVERY screw on it.

Remove the butt pad and then remove the screw in the end of the buffer tube.

Remove the stock from the buffer tube.

Adjust the check piece all the way out and set aside.

Remove the cover off of the picatinny rail on the bottom

Using a small screw driver, pry apart the 2 halves.

Remove the existing butt plate assembly and install the new one.
Be careful of the detent pins for the 2 adjustment wheels so they don't end up on the floor.

Review by Distinguished Rifleman / (Posted on 3/18/2013)
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